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Do you have old boxes of baits that are collecting dust in your garage? 

Do you have more fishing rods than you will ever use? 

It’s time to make room in that garage AND get rid of your old, broken baits the RESPONSIBLE way. 

Recycle your old baits. Donate your old rods.

Join the Re-Cast Initiative Today with the following plug and play recycling solutions:


Provide your customers with easy to use collection box for their used plastic baits and used fishing line.

Simply fill the box with the used items and call or email Hook Line Recycle when it is full. 

We will email you a shipping label to ship the box to one of our recycling partners and  will send you a new empty one.  Ease-of use for you and your customers drives the success of the program.

We also offer truckload transportation and donation to local charitable organization to help you  organize a successful fishing rod donation event.